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iHITA 2022 Annual Conference Schedule
June 27, 2022 
The Orange County Convention Center
Room W340 B (Sunburst Room)
Orlando, Florida, USA



 9:30-10:30am Welcome Reception & Opening Remarks


Keynote Address: Hospitality IT Skills and 2022 Tech Trends
Michael Blake, Chief Technology Officer, American Hotel & Lodging Association


Augmented Reality Applications and Implications for the Hospitality Industry
Ajay Aluri & Frank Kerekes, both from West Virginia University


Utilizing Analytic Capabilities to Optimize Operations
John Farrish, Southern Illinois University


An Examination of the Trust Level of American Residents in the Utilization of Smartphone Contactless Payments
Narda Malcolm & Thomas Schrier, both from Iowa State University

12:15—2:00pm Lunch Break (no-host lunch)


Labor Shortage: A Critical Reflection and a Call for Industry-Academia Collaboration
Linchi Kwok, California State Polytechnic University Pomona


Virtual Interviews vs. LinkedIn Profiles: Effects on Recruiters’ Initial Hiring Decisions
Fernando Garcia, SM Hotels and Conventions Corporation, Philippines, Yung-Kuei Huang, National I-Lan University, Taiwan & Linchi Kwok, California State Polytechnic University Pomona


Utilizing the Free Association Method and Netnography to Expose Hotel Guests' Technostress
Samuel Lee, Mehmet Erdem, Billy Bai, Chih-Chien Chen, Eda Anlamlier, & Leann Putney, all from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas


Using Manifest and Latent Coding to Study Guestroom AI-Agents: Personality Matters
Saeed Vayghan, Mehmet Erdem, Ashok Singh, Billy Bai & Chih-Chein Chen, all from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas


The Use of Neural Text to Speech Technology in Hotel Promotional Videos
Muhittin Cavusoglu, Northern Arizona University & Burak Turten, Karabuk University, Turkey

4:00—4:30pm Closing Remarks
4:30—5:30pm Business Meeting (Executive Board and Members In Good-Standing)


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